Out of the mouths of babes (R.I.P Mr. Gabe Brooks)

gabe brooks

There are days when my job requires of me more then I feel I can muster. And then, there are days when it gifts more then I feel I could ever deserve. Most often, there are days that fit right in the middle of these categories, like this one:

Jarrel: “If we finish these last two questions, can we peep one of those BMX flicks?”

Quincy:” Yeah, like the one with that Gabe guy, the brown cat that stay breathin’ fire?”

Mr. Brown: “We can do that, if you guys give me two quality answers on the last two questions we can do that.”

Jarrel: “Aight, aight, bet, but you gotta let us see the crashes, too!”

Mr. Brown: “Jarrel, thats the worst part! After watching the bails, I don’t want to touch my bike at all!”

Jarrel: “Yeah, but them shits is wavy! Ha, ha,ha!!!! Yeah, plus, you get to see what that fire cost!!! All them crashes show you what they are willin’ to pay to get that fire! If they fall a couple times before they get it, you know they want to be that dragon, real bad!!!”

Mr. Brown: “See, thats the kind of answers I want on those questions! That was a great example of you using your perspective. I never thought about it quite like that before!”

Quincy: “Can I ask you a question, Mr. B?”

Mr. Brown: “Sure, while you write?”

Quincy: ” Why your name Mr. Brown and you ain’t even tan?”

Quincy and Jarrel look at each other as they fein falling out of their seats from uncontrollable laughter.

Mr. Brown: “Quincy, that’s a family name, not a description. It’s a pretty popular name at that”

Quincy stares at Mr. Brown with a smirk that says duhhhh!!! and thanks for trying, all at once.

Jarrel as he looks at his paper while writing something: “I’m glad you ain’t really brown, I would have to worry about you if you was.”

Mr. Brown, with a puzzled look: “I don’t get it, why would you have to worry about me?”

Quincy:”All of my cousins is brown and two of them just got broke off. One of them got stabbed and is in a wheel chair, and he was the wrong person!”

Mr. Brown: “What do you mean, he was the wrong person?”

Quincy: “They stabbed him up and he wasn’t even the person they was really lookin’ for……he was jus’ brown. We found him on leakin’ on the sidewalk. ”

Mr. Brown with a suddenly dry mouth and a look of stupid he couldn’t erase and that made the next statement look profound: “Oh, god, thats horrible!”

Quincy: “it’s ok, but I’m glad you aren’t brown so I don’t have to worry about you so much!”

Jarrel: “But I’m glad there are brown guys doing BMX! Cause I don’t want to be the first!”

Mr. Brown: “Well, actually there have been tons of brown guys doing BMX at the highest levels, some of the best ever…..”

Jarrel, while holding up a hand meant to signal, “stop talking, Mr. Brown!”: ” Can I go ahead and answer these questions before I forget what I wanna put down?”









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