Some are good for the sake of it!


Many of the the people, artists, musicians, writers, philosophers, scientists, etc. I admire  have labored diligently at things that you would’t be justified in expecting to ever produce for you more then the pocket change necessary to buy a patch kit. But despite the limited potential for material gain, or maybe because of it, these folk dedicate hours of toil and embrace all of the requisite sacrifice in the name of expressing, learning or creating something that they can’t stop themselves from pursuing. In other words, they were willing to build the chops that output like “A Love Supreme”, “Nation of millions” or “i against i” absolutely demanded, all the while with full knowledge of the fact that for all of the tenacity and grace invested, they would never, in in their lifetime, experience  a smidgeon of the economic windfall that will land itself upon a lesser but more “commercially viable” alternate. To my mind, this is one of the limited number of types of “investing” that should be associated with courage. I would count Chris Day as just this type of innovator. Chris is that character willing to pursue the thing with the drive of a professional, but in full knowledge of the fact that any rewards attained as a result of theses efforts will be personal, fleeting and financially bankrupt. When I first decided I would start a blog, it was on the heals of the passing of Dave Mirra (hence the golden pedals in the initial title) and as I was attempting to consider what it was that made him such a iconic figure in my mind. I knew that he was a singular talent in terms of his ability to ride a bike, but our world is rife with people who have incredible aptitude in one area or another who, when they pass, don’t bring with it the sense of lose that Dave’s death did for me.  What I began to isolate and see clearly for the first time, as I considered his impression on me, was that people like Mirra move me, in part, because they are willing to invest themselves in things that there is no reason to believe will make them famous or wealthy. They are our examples of people driven by something other then a chase that terminates in stuff.

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