It’s all about controlling the spin!

as_bmx_freestylin_200  If you were to ask me to for a single word that described my experience in BMX my immediate, and even reflected upon, reply would be “spin”. No, I don’t have a sizable collection of spinning tricks in my bag, I’d say very few of the things I do on a bike count as spins. Instead, I would say that spin is an accurate descriptor given the context because of how and what I’ve learned from “mastering” the few spins I’ve gotten control of. Spins on a bike are a matter of navigating the line between pushing and being pulled by the whip. I would argue that with BMX, and all else that we animals increase our handle on, progress comes from repeating the thing as our feeling for it becomes increasingly nuanced. So, with something like the beautiful boomerang we see the inimitable Jason Parks toying with in the picture above, we continue to throw ourselves in the direction of the spin we want to accomplish, learning a bit with each failed launch. And, little by little, in painfully small increments for some of us, our increased experience gives us an enhanced feeling for what completion requires. We jump off the pedals, time and time again, each leap taking us a little further around the head tube until, and it is an exhilarating experience like few others for the addict, we land with our feet in the same place they started. It is, in its essence, a pure science which has us applying a little more pull here and push there until the right combination of forces are employed in the right order and the thing falls into place. This counts as progress, Even if that place we land is almost exactly where we began.

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