The Story of Weird Brand:Part 1

As human beings, choice has inevitable communicative power. And commerce and the market place are, a lot of times, one of our primary choice making venues. What we buy  can reveal to the world things like what kind of resources we have access to, what we value, what we enjoy, what our political leanings are, […]

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NO, I didn’t take your bike!

I’m not much of a skatepark rider, as a matter of fact, I can count on my two hands the number times I ridden a skatepark. But, one of the most intriguing examples of human behavior I’ve ever encountered, transpired in a skatepark. It had nothing to do with ridding, but everything to do with […]

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The Nerve! (who’s the kook?)

The ride to the spot, in this case and countless others just like it, was medicinal! Tire pressure was good so the pavement, though punctuated with cracks and fissures like most of Brooklyn, didn’t instigate the knees or wrist the way it could if I inflated past 70 lbs. But, in addition to the absence […]

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Some are good for the sake of it!

Many of the the people, artists, musicians, writers, philosophers, scientists, etc. I admire  have labored diligently at things that you would’t be justified in expecting to ever produce for you more then the pocket change necessary to buy a patch kit. But despite the limited potential for material gain, or maybe because of it, these […]

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